Paliva (Fuels) is a scientific journal issued quarterly by the Faculty of Environmental Technology, ICT Prague. Fuels publishes papers on a broad range of topics covering exploitation, processing, upgrading, and utilization of various types of fuels, and power engineering.
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Effect of biomass addition of coal co-combustion on limestone fluidized bed desulphurization efficie

Petr Buryan, Siarhei Skoblia, Světlana Kozlová

This work is focused on research of reduction of limestone adsorption capacity in a laboratory process simulation of fluidised bed dry flue gas desulphurisation. Limestone from the lime-pit “Cerny dul” with brown coal was tested with addition of two different biomass types.

Hydrotreating of middle distillates and marked gas oil blend

Josef Tomášek, Josef Blažek, Tomáš Bajer

Marked gas oils with different properties are available in market. These gas oils are used for heating systems in commercial buildings and domestic houses with outside boilers. They are also used for agricultural, industrial and marine diesel engines. Prices of the products can be sometimes lower than the diesel oil ones. Hydrotreating of standard middle distillates and certain marked gas oil mixtures can produce diesel oil with good quality. Dye and marker admix to the gas oils are eliminated during the hydrotreating.

1/2012 - pages 6 - 12DOI: 10.35933/paliva.2012.01.02

Utilisation of a Pressure DSC for Determination of Oxidation Stability of Fuels and Lubricants

Jaroslav Černý

The paper summarises some procedures and meth-odologies that can be used for determination of oxida-tion stability of fuels and lubricants by using a pressure DSC method. Research as well as routine analyses per-formed at the Institute for many years lead to some rules that should be maintained during the pressure DSC analysis.

1/2012 - pages 13 - 17DOI: 10.35933/paliva.2012.01.03

Coal as a primary energy source in the years 2010 and 2011

Marcela Šafářová, Jaroslava Šťovíčková

The article describes a position of coal as a primary energy resource in the years 2010 and 2011, including its mining and consumption in the world, in Europe and in the Czech Republic. The role of coal in electricity production is also mentioned. Attention is paid to brown coal in CR which is mined in two basins of north-western Bohemia. Its estimated is 850 mil. of tons and the share of consumption of primary energy resources is more than 40 %. In the Czech Republic more than a half of electricity is produced from coal.

1/2012 - pages 18 - 22DOI: 10.35933/paliva.2012.01.04

Hydrogen odorization

Roman Vokatý, Tomáš Hlinčík, Jan Hadrava, Daniel Tenkrát

Safety is the major issue connected with the further development of hydrogen technologies. Due to hydro-gen’s unique properties such as the wide flammability range of hydrogen-air mixtures and to leakage issues, multiple levels of protection are required. One level of protection involves the use of odorization. This paper describes the properties of sulfur-free compounds suita-ble for use of odorants. The problems associated with storage of odorized hydrogen are also discussed.

1/2012 - pages 23 - 27DOI: 10.35933/paliva.2012.01.05

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