Paliva (Fuels) is a scientific journal issued quarterly by the Faculty of Environmental Technology, ICT Prague. Fuels publishes papers on a broad range of topics covering exploitation, processing, upgrading, and utilization of various types of fuels, and power engineering.
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Journal Fuels was founded in November 2009 in order to follow a long tradition of the journal “Fuels”, which was published at the Faculty of Fuel and Water Technology (formerly the Faculty of Environmental Technology) from 1953 to 1958, and also the Proceedings of ITC, Prague, Series “D” – Technology of Fuels, which the faculty published from 1957 to 1991. These periodicals published the results of fuel research conducted by the faculty as well as other similarly oriented laboratories in the former Czechoslovakia.

The need to restore a periodical focused on fuels emerged from repeated discussions among experts in academia and the commercial sectors. Absence of a journal covering the strategic area of production, processing and use of fuels was especially felt at the time of fundamental changes in the industry, such as the necessity to look for alternative raw materials and the pressure to improve the quality of fuels to comply with environmental requirements. The aim of founding the journal Fuels was to create a platform for presentation of quality scientific information, which until now could be presented only through professional conferences.

Although it is possible to publish new fuel research in international periodicals, we believe that there remains a need for a respectable domestic information source. The need arises not only because some findings may be specific to the Central Europe area (availability of raw materials, legislation) but also because of the wider availability of information published online and in national language.

Journal Fuels is published quarterly exclusively in the electronic form, which guarantees wide accessibility to the professional public. The journal is open not only to researchers but also to technical staffs in fuel processing plants, refineries, power stations, gasworks and companies engaged in utilization of fossil and alternative fuels. The aim is to effectively link the fuel research institutions with the end users of their research, i.e. the companies involved in fuel production and processing.

The editorial board strives to ensure high professional standards of the journal. Starting with the first journal issue, all submitted papers are subject to an independent review procedure by two reviewers.

Since 2010, Fuels has been on the list of the peer–reviewed journals approved by the Government Council for Research, Development and Innovation.

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