Fuels is a scientific jounal issued quarterly by the Faculty of Environmental Technology, ICT Prague. Fuels publishes papers on a broad range of topics covering exploitation, processing, upgrading, and utilization of various types of fuels, and power engineering.
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Editorial Board offices:
Editorial Board of the Journal Fuels
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6

Secretariat of the Institute of Gas, Coke and Air Protection

Doc. Ing. Karel Ciahotný, CSc. - Editor in Chief
phone 220444228
email Karel.Ciahotny@vscht.cz

Mgr. Helena Matějeková - Executive Editor
email Helena.Matejekova@vscht.cz

Ing. Daniel Maxa, Ph.D. - Executive Editor
email Daniel.Maxa@vscht.cz

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 - http://www.petroleum.cz
 - http://hitecarlo.vscht.cz

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