Paliva (Fuels) is a scientific journal issued quarterly by the Faculty of Environmental Technology, ICT Prague. Fuels publishes papers on a broad range of topics covering exploitation, processing, upgrading, and utilization of various types of fuels, and power engineering.
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Focus of the Journal

Paliva (Fuels) is a quarterly professional journal issued by the Faculty of Environmental Technology, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague.

The journal publishes peer-reviewed contributions focused on the chemical and energy uses of fossil and alternative fuels, nuclear fuels and the power industry.

The journal publishes review articles and original communications related to mining, extraction, storage, processing and refining of oil, coal, natural gas and the manufacture and use of different kinds of alternative fuels and biofuels. Space is devoted to the analysis of fuels and products of their processing, ecological aspects of fuel processing and the use of fuel based products. The journal also publishes contributions from the field of thermal and nuclear power processing and alternative energy.

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